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    Sponsor a meal

    Sponsor a meal for NGOs beneficiaries

    A lot of us will celebrate the coming new year with a family dinner or lunch. Unfortunately, not everyone is given the chance to enjoy this happy and warm moment. anAngel is, therefore, inviting you to share a meal with beneficiaries of NGOS and give them an opportunity to have an end of the year f...

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    Education Pour Tous

    C'est pour que ces enfants puissent avoir les mêmes chances de suivre leurs parcours scolaires comme les autres enfants.

    Actuellement avec les cours online suite au protocole mise en place par le ministère de l'éducation, les enfantsne vont pas à l'école. Ils doivent donc suivre les cours à la télé ou sur internet. Mais c'est pas le cas pour les enfants dont les familles n'ont pas la capacité d'avoir un...

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    Call for mentors to support NGOs and accelerate positive impact (coming soon)

    To support NGOs to achieve their objectives and to do bigger and better!

    Are you a professional with knowledge and expertise and is willing to dedicate some of your time to support and guide NGOs ? anAngel and supportive partner organisations are launching a mentoring program for NGOs. NGOs affected by COVID-19 are facing financial challenges. Even in normal...

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    SAFIRE cherche des stagiaires et des bénévoles

    Donne une meilleure vie aux enfants défavorisé

    L'ONG SAFIRE recherche des stagiaires et des bénévoles tout au long de l’année pour nous aider lors de la préparation d’événements, l’encadrement des activités/sorties ou pour certaines tâches administratives. Si vous êtes disponibles et souhaitez aider l'ONG, laissez un message dans la section chat...

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    L'ONG SAFIRE cherche des sponsors pour financer les frais d'une formation professionnelle de trois jeunes

    Financer les frais de formation de trois jeunes

    SAFIRE cherche des sponsors pour financer les frais de formation de trois jeunes  habitant la région de Bel Air/ Caroline. Ces jeunes souhaitent intégrer une formation professionnelle dans le secteur de l’hôtellerie. Le coût par enfant pour cette formation est de Rs. 5000. Si vous sou...

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    Donate a wheel chair

    Facilitate movement of disabled students

    The Association Pour les Handicapés De Malherbes is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which exists since 2006. The association runs a specialised education School which was established in 2007 and a Specialised Shelter for abandoned children in 2013.The beneficiaries are in need of addition...

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    A Fundraising initiative to fund our projects for the year 2022

    APEIM LANCE SA TOMBOLA Le tirage au sort aura lieu le 14 février 2022 où les noms des 3 gagnants seront publiés sur notre page Facebook. Les recettes de cette tombola nous permettra de soutenir nos projets pour cette nouvelle année. Pour acheter vos tickets veuillez contacter les personnes...

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    The aim of this campaign is to bring together volunteers to help sort out the textile waste in our workshop and hence use these to make new projects

    Who are we? The Good Shop is a charitable enterprise operating with a triple-mission finality : Education, Employment and Environment. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged communities by providing direct funding of scholarships through our sales, create and sustain empowered...

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    Journee de la femme: Ateliers femme entrepreneurs et distributions de 'care packages' aux femmes dans le besoin

    Revaloriser les femmes

    Pour la journée de la femme le 8 mars, Monad Charity tient a revaloriser les femmes issus de régions vulnérables. Nous projetons d'encourager l'entreprenariat pour ces femmes à travers des ateliers et des marchés d'exposition de produits locaux. Pour les plus démunis nous pensons distribue...

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    Mental Health Talk - Private Session every Tuesday

    To help people of LGBTQIA+ community get in connection with their feelings.

    Do you feel the need to talk to someone or just want to share your story? Our YQA team would be glad to welcome you for a private exchange session every Tuesdays. Private message us to schedule a meeting or email us at [email protected]

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    Call to renovators and upcyclers and repairer

    To promote the development of a circular economy in Mauritius

    We are looking for artisans, seamstresses, shoemakers, electronic technicians, upholsterers, carpenters, joiners, metal workers, plumbers and welders, or any other renovator and  upcycler .or repairer.Are you a renovator or upcycler or simply very handy ? We need you to give a second life to...

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    Name of campaign - MBC - Le Mag Participation

    Give an opportunity to NGOs to promote their work on national TV

    NGOs are invited to participate in the show "Le Mag" organised by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation MBC,  to promote your organisation and to talk about your work in society. This program is broadcasted on radio, TV (Chaine Kreole) and live on social media. NGOs w...

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    Call to NGOs for Mentoring Program (coming soon)

    To support NGOs in improving their operations to become autonomous and sustainable

    anAngel is launching a mentoring program to help NGOs become autonomous and sustainable in their operations. The Mentoring Program proposed gives the chance to build a strong relationship between NGOs and professionals, providing advice and support in different projects and initiatives, incl...

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    Participation to ''AGIR ENSEMBLE'' show on MBC

    Give an opportunity to NGOs to promote their work on national TV

    We are calling for NGOs to participate in a show by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation MBC,  to promote their organisation and their work in society. The interview questions are as follows;1.Present your NGO - functions and objectives. 2.Who are you and when did you join the NGO - t...

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    Nou Diferans

    Eliminate inequality in the community

    We are Blue Marlin. And we decided to make a move, to be the differenceto be the difference. We want to use our brand’s popularity to have a positive impact on the Mauritian society. Not for the sake of pleasure or profit, But driven by a sense of duty, of responsibility. Driven by ou...


anAngel offre aux organisations la possibilité de mettre en place et de mener à bien une campagne en un rien de temps en utilisant le pouvoir de sa communauté. Supervisez et créez un rapport sur la portée et l’impact de votre campagne en utilisant notre moteur de mesure d'impact unique, compatible avec la blockchain
Laissez-nous vous guider. Apprenez comment anAngel peut vous aider à accélérer votre impact positif et à faire de votre campagne un succès.

  • Sanitary precautions during festive seasons : Here’s what we need to do!

    Sanitary precautions during festive seasons : Here’s what we need to do!

    December has already reached a half-peak, and the festivities are about to begin, so we're wondering what will happen if the necessary precautions are not taken, particularly in this COVID-19 situation around the world and in our country.

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  • Christmas is doing a little extra for someone

    Christmas is doing a little extra for someone

    December is here and we are days away from celebrating Christmas and to welcome the New Year. We must say that this month is a festive one for all the countries across the world and the festivities are celebrated differently globally. Nevertheless, during the past two years festivals are not celebra...

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  • Universal Health Coverage Day 2021: “Leave no one’s health behind: Invest in health systems for all”

    Universal Health Coverage Day 2021: “Leave no one’s health behind: Invest in health systems for all”

    Every year on 12th December, the Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC) is celebrated across the world. This day is an occasion for all countries to maximize the effort being done to provide people with quality essential health whenever they are in need, without suffering from financial hardship. Peopl...

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  • Will the new coronavirus variant of concern, Omicron, be more contagious than Delta?

    Will the new coronavirus variant of concern, Omicron, be more contagious than Delta?

    On November 24, 2021, researchers in South Africa reported a new variant called omicron (B.1.1.529), which the World Health Organization designated as a "variant of concern" two days later. Omicron is unique in that it is the most heavily mutated variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19...

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  • World Aids Day 2021: “End inequalities. End AIDS”

    World Aids Day 2021: “End inequalities. End AIDS”

    Each year, the World Aids Day is commemorated worldwide on the 1st December, and on this day people from all around the world show their support towards the victims and also to their family. In addition, they also pay tribute to those who lost their life through AIDS. The Acquired Immunodeficiency S...

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  • Lets empower our youth!

    Lets empower our youth!

    Our country's future lies in the hands of today's youngsters. What are they doing to prepare for future challenges? Are they well-educated or equipped with the necessary skills? Will they have self-assurance? On one little island, Mauritius, a non-governmental organization called Centre de Solidarit...

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  • Is Covid-19's rise being worsened by the Delta variant?

    Is Covid-19's rise being worsened by the Delta variant?

    The arrival of the Delta variant of the Covid-19 has been said several times to have influenced the trajectory of the pandemic. It is more transmissible than prior variants and has quickly risen to the top of the global genetic tree. Because the vaccines are less effective against it, even though th...

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  • International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction : What is the reality check?

    International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction : What is the reality check?

    On October 13, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction , will focus on the importance of disaster risk governance. This year, it happened in a year when the COVID-19 pandemic killed thousands of people. Good disaster risk governance is about making sure that people are protected from disas...

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  • Animal Welfare: Let’s act pawsitive towards our pets!

    Animal Welfare: Let’s act pawsitive towards our pets!

    Animals play an important role in the environment, from maintaining ecological balance to promoting human health. Along with recognizing this significance, World Animal Day ensures that efforts continue to be made to provide better rescue shelters for animals, launch better animal welfare programs,...

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  • Réduire les pertes et gaspillages alimentaires : voila pourquoi c’est essentiel

    Réduire les pertes et gaspillages alimentaires : voila pourquoi c’est essentiel

    Afin de réduire les pertes et le gaspillage dans les chaînes d'approvisionnement, l'innovation, l'amélioration des technologies et des infrastructures sont essentielles.

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Nos Partnenaires et Collaborateurs


  • 1 - Non à la pauvreté

    Mettre fin à la pauvreté partout sous toutes ses formes

  • 2 - Zéro faim

    Mettre fin à la faim, assurer la sécurité alimentaire et une meilleure nutrition , promouvoir une agriculture durable

  • 3 - Bonne santé et bien-être

    Assurer une vie saine et promouvoir le bien-être de tous à tous les âges

  • 4 - Une éducation de qualité

    Assurer une éducation de qualité, inclusive et équitable et promouvoir les possibilités d'apprentissage tout au long de la vie pour tous

  • 5 - L'égalité des sexes

    Réaliser l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation de toutes les femmes et les filles

  • 6 - Eau propre et assainissement

    Assurer la disponibilité et la gestion durable de l'eau et de l'assainissement pour tous

  • 7 - Énergie abordable et propre

    Assurer l'accès à une énergie abordable, fiable, durable et moderne pour tous

  • 8 - Travail décent et croissance économique

    Promouvoir une croissance économique soutenue, inclusive et durable, l’emploi productif et un travail décent pour tous

  • 9 - Industrie, innovation et infrastructure

    Construire des infrastructures résistantes, promouvoir une industrialisation inclusive et durable et favoriser l'innovation

  • 10 - Réduction des inégalités

    Réduire les inégalités au sein des pays et entre eux

  • 11 - Villes et communautés durables

    Rendre les villes et les établissements humains inclusifs, sûrs, résilients et durables

  • 12 - Consommation et production responsables

    Assurer des modes de consommation et de production durables

  • 13 - Action contre le changement climatique

    Prendre des mesures urgentes pour lutter contre le changement climatique et ses conséquences

  • 14 - La vie sous l'eau

    Conserver et utiliser durablement les océans, les mers et les ressources marines pour un développement durable

  • 15 - La vie sur terre

    Protéger, restaurer et promouvoir l'utilisation durable des écosystèmes terrestres, gérer durablement les forêts, lutter contre la désertification, arrêter et inverser la dégradation des terres et stopper la perte de biodiversité

  • 16 - Paix, justice et institutions fortes

    Promouvoir des sociétés pacifiques et inclusives pour le développement durable, assurer l'accès à la justice pour tous et mettre en place des institutions efficaces, responsables et inclusives à tous les niveaux

  • 17 - Partenariat pour les objectifs

    Renforcer les moyens de mise en œuvre et revitaliser le partenariat mondial pour le développement durable

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