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    The Institute Bon Pasteur, Formalised in 2015, is born out of 15 years worth of research in community and land regeneration through education for wellbeing and geographic medicine.

    While IBP was formalised in 2015, its intentions truly emerged in 2009 and in 2013 it created the Nomad Co Op - to contribute to a dimension of society that cares for the thriving of future generation - their joy, health and prosperity in experiencing life.

    The Nomad Co Op is a independent network hosted by the institute since 2015.

    Since the Wakashio, the Nomad Co Op decided to take an educative and research approach to contribute in the development of a citizen council in Mauritius.

    The action is to follow and ensure that the Mauritian government maintains the basic GeoMedical health parameters needed to maintain territorial wellbeing for all the inhabiting life it is meant to care for.

    Keeping the connection between the government and the public is a must for the proper management of the country affairs through the parliament. 

    Keeping the deputies in touch with the electorate is a must for health and well being of the territory.

    This can be better achieved with a citizen lead, citizen council.

    The aim of the Nomad Co Op, in the unfolding of the citizen council, is to keep the voice of the voters alive within national political administration, assisting any ruling political party in maintaining a national objective for Health and Wellness - all encompassing: geomedical, physiological, mental and educative.

    While we want for all invested groups to emerge a coordinate efforts, RAMDAM decided to support our intention in interim.

    Ram Dam’s Solid Sense fundraising vehicle:

    Ram Dam thought it a great opportunity to support the Nomad Co Op within the Mauritian Landscape to give a solid chance for this process to emerge legitimately.

    By giving to this campaign, you are actively endorsing the emergence of a citizen council in Mauritius that would honor the conditions necessary for a healthy life on its territories.

    Your donations will be used To educate the Mauritian population to understand

    The value of their vote and the potential role of a citizen council in the future of national management.

    The money raised will fund

    1 -

    A blockchain based app development  by UWINCorp, based on their "RIndex", a reputational index of trustworthiness. 

    UWINCorp is an MIT initiated project. 

    It aims to allow all inhabiting humans of a territory to nominate people that are:

    Reliable, trustworthy, wise and fair, who can represent their voice within the citizen body.

    This comes with a verification process.

    The platform will also have a question section that will be verified through blockchain trustworthiness metrics. We know that answers can be faked but this is an aspect UWINCorp has tested and validated.

    This app will designed for Mauritius though it can, thereafter, be deployed globally.

    Your donation should go further than Mauritius and empower communities to voice out who they trust - this should be useful to you too once launched!

    2 - 

    a) Educative videos, directed at Mauritians, to communicate about the citizen council and the role it has to play on keeping joy health and prosperity at the core of territorial management (land and sea).


    b) Educative videos to communicate about the value of a vote and what it means to trade ones life, placing it in the hands of those who are meant to preserve its health in freedom and safety from harm.

    3 -

    Fund a training program for 40 coastal leaders, within the communities, to learn and manage natural disaster while waiting for official bodies to mobilise and action as per standards of insurance claims and international maritime organisation.

    IMO standards for risk and disaster management always involves the community. Here the community wants to take care of itself as its current governors are not paying enough attention to such priorities. 

    To this end, we need to secure 130 000 Euros to cover all actions.

    When you are donating, the account holder, Insitute du Bon pasteur, will disclose how these funds are being spent and what impact they are garnering.

    While IBP hosts the Nomad co op action, Nomad Co Op will host this educative and research project, towards a citizen council, for GeoMedical outcomes, until all emerging groups come together to co-actively structure the council. 

    The institute is recognized by the Teritiary Education Commission (TEC) and the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) - Should there be any fees due to the MRA, this will be shows in all transparency, although we aim to disburse the money directly to coordinated actions as soon as received.

    For the TEC, we are approved to facilitate individuals wishing to improve their understanding through projects that actively consolidate health and well-being. We will be reaching out to students in tertiary education to get involved on a volunteer basis.

    We never forget that we are in a human lead system...thus flawed, we want to try to make something positive happen, a positive communicator rather than a watchdog.

    We hope you believe in our intention.

    We wish that our grief may benefit you in the long term...especially with this app and its universal educated message for worldwide geographic health. It is a basic right to all life. A country and its inhabitants should always be able to participate in consolidating and maintaining its right to live in wellness. 

    Please follow anAngel for all the campaigns that we will be launching.

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    Objectives / Aim

    Fundraise to complete all of actions intended in research, development and education relating to territorial health and well being as well as providing community support.

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Good Health and Well-being

Good Health and Well-being




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