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    By way of introduction, we form part of a group of worldwide volunteers involved in social and humanitarian activities.  Our primary responsibility is to promote peace as it lies in the hands of each individual to lift each other up.

    The Peace Education Program is a video based highly interactive 10 sessions course  based on the talks of international humanitarian and author Prem Rawat .

    The PEACE EDUCATION PROGRAMME is offered FREE OF COST to your Organisation.

    It is non-religious and non-political.

    During this COVID crisis, the programme have been introduced via zoom in over 100 countries and in different languages. They have been very helpful in educating people to feel strength and avoid feelings of frustration, despair and depression.

    The objective is to foster a culture of peace and encourage our society to experience fundamental human values such as happiness, understanding, tolerance and solidarity - all essentials elements for a thriving culture of peace.

    How is the Peace Education Programme going to benefit your Institution ?

    The innovative Peace Education Programme  helps people discover their own inner resources - inner tools for living such as inner strength, choice, hope and possibility of personal peace.

    It all begins there: “when we are able to recognize the good that is in us, it is easier to see the same in others. The Program brings out the best in everyone.” The aim of this work is to help us understand ourselves, without us being distracted by background noise. This programme since  2012 is being conveyed in Prisons, Rehabilitation centres, Institutions, Senior citizens Centres, Universities where the responses have been very appreciated and successful.

    The Peace Education Programme has already inspired millions throughout the world and impacted many people's lives, insofar as it addresses various topics, from education, to culture, self knowledge, empowerment, mental health issues. 

    The course is about listening,  feeling and  understanding .

    You can join the campaign by clicking on ''I'm In'' and comment the name of your organisation.

    Thank you. 

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    To foster a culture of Peace,prosperity, happiness and well being to all communities in Mauritius

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Good Health and Well-being

Good Health and Well-being




2 July 2021 - 28 August 2021


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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