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#Books: Donate storybooks to children in need :

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    What & Why?

    Storybooks are the doors to a child's imagination. They help children understand and feel emotions and make them learn about their own culture and other cultures. Books enable a child to develop his/her literacy skills - reading, writing, and listening. However, in Mauritius, many children do not have the opportunity to develop these skills because of a lack of resources.

    We are thus, appealing to the generosity of the population to help these children by donating storybooks to children of age 2-15 years old. The donated books will be distributed to NGOs working with children across the island.


    Join this campaign by clicking on ''I'm In'' and comment in the chat section your details.

    If you're a volunteer: Comment the number of books you want to donate & your contact details.

    If you're an NGO: Comment the amount of beneficiaries & your contact details.

    Let's do good, one action at a time.

    Thank you.

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    General Public

    Objectives / Aim

    To promote literacy skills among children in need

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1 August 2021 - 31 December 2021


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