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    The rising number of Covid-19 cases in Mauritius and the sudden slow-down in economic activities has deprived several families of basic essential needs, especially food items; either due to limited financial means or the lack of public transportation.  

    Many NGOs are struggling to help these families meet their needs. 

    We are thus appealing to the generosity of the Mauritian population and local companies to donate food items to NGOs in order to help out those in need. 


    You can donate by joining this campaign.

    Steps to Join the Campaign:

    1. Click on ''I'm In''
    2. Comment in CHAT Section to introduce yourself and what you wish to donate/what you need if you're an NGO

    We rely on your support to help us in this noble action.

    Thank you.

    Target Population

    Mauritian Population

    Objectives / Aim

    Help feed families in need

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    • HEllo, we accompany youngster to do cycliste In the WEST Coast but food is important for THEM To help them doing their training and We work with poor and vulnerable kids.
      Thanking you in advance


Good Health and Well-being

Good Health and Well-being




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