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    Wow, where do we start.

    It has been an amazing adventure to date. From a germinating idea over years to the launch of the platform a few months ago.

    We need you to join us on this worthwhile  adventure. 

    The beauty of this platform is that anyone can help to make the World a better place.

    Please read on. Thanking you in advance.

    With gratitude as a ever,

    The anAngel team.

    What anAngel platform offers?

    anAngel is a digital platform that regroups all who wish to make positive impacts in their community.

    The primarily objective are:

    1) Simplify and amplify positive impact initiatives

    2) Support NGOs, social entreprises and individuals in their initiatives

    3) Help accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) using the power of the people

    4) Reward and incentivise positive actions

    4) Catalyse the development of a community of changemakers

    5) Offer a platform for organisations to reduce resources and costs in administration and communicationd to

    60 Facilitae micro-donations (financial and non-financial) to any campaign, organisation or friend.

    6) Provide an e-store to  support the reward system and local businesses

    7) Provide alternative livelihoods opportunities


    Where we are? 

    The platform has been developed with the founders’ own fund, with the assistance of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council.

    We have launched the proof of concept, and this has been a success. In a  few months, we have featured on national and international TV. The potential of this idea has been recognised, as it has already won two international awards.

    The platform is free to use, and it has the undeniable potential to accelerate positive change.

    We only have anAndroid app, and we are looking for funding to develop a proper app available for both Android and Apple.

    Listening to the users, version 2 is on its way, We are so excited about this!

    We have big plans, and we need your help!

    What we need? 

    We have identified five needs: .

    A.      Ambassadors – We need people to carry our flag, share our vision and inspire others to  do good.

    B.      Organisations – We want more organisations to join and campaign on anAngel and learn new ways how we can be of use to  them.

    C.      Volunteers – We need individuals to give their time and participate in the many campaigns.

    D.      Endorsement and sponsorship – We need organisations and individuals to support the anAngel initiative. This can take several forms from simply using the application to sponsoring a feature.

    E.       Suppliers – We need  suppliers to offer/sell their products and services in the e-store

    F.       Development of the application – We need either resources or  funds to further develop the app or to advance our marketing and communication to accelerate organic growth of users on the platform.


    Can you help us?

    We are counting on you to help us!  Please join/share this campaign. We shall be in touch with you.

    Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to send us a message, or use the chat function of the app.

    With much gratitude,

    The anAngel team

    Target Population

    Anyone can help

    Objectives / Aim

    To help in the development of anAngel

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Sustainable Cities And Communities

Sustainable Cities And Communities


Anywhere and everywhere : )


1 December 2020 - 30 January 2021


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