A recycling hub to overcome poverty and clean our Oceans : Precious plastic

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    The South-East of Mauritius is affected by both the Covid-19 crisis and theMV Wakashio Oil Spill. This area already poor, where the main activities was fishing, water base activities and tourism activities is strugling. 

    As, Precious Plastic an active NPO in the area, we decided to create a sustainable project to help the area. We plan to create a new economy around plastic recycling to help the entire community of the South-East. Everyone will be able to benefit from this new economy:

    - Collectors of plastic

    - Employees in the Recycling Hub

    - People who will get free training or entrepreuneurship and recycling

    - Educators who will receive a training and then educate people on plastic pollution and recycling

    - Entire Mauritius through all the actions above

    We want to build a semi-industrial recycling HUB in the area of Pointe Jerome / RĂ©sidences la Chaux.

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    A recycling hub to overcome poverty and clean our Oceans

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Pointe Jerome


15 October 2020 - 31 December 2020


06:30 AM - 08:30 PM

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