• Ends in: 6 days

    Citadelle Plantation

    Plantation of endemic plants at La Citadelle

    Fondation Ressources et Nature (FORENA) will be organizing a plantation of endemic plants at Citadelle. We are an NGO which carries out reforestation projects around Mauritius since 2008. We are calling for volunteers to help us with the reforestation project.Details of the plantation are as fo...

  • Ends in: 6 days

    Donations of office Equipments to manage office operations for NGO Bonheur ASSOCIE Aux enfants

    To fund the NGO operations.

    Who? Bonheur Associé Aux Enfants is a registered non-government entity operating on the business Registration no 16605/ BRN A21000090. We are a new operational NGO based at Beau Vallon and we are carrying a project “Enfants heureux” to accompany children...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Donation of Foodpacks to NGOs

    Help feed families in need

    The rising number of Covid-19 cases in Mauritius and the sudden slow-down in economic activities has deprived several families of basic essential needs, especially food items; either due to limited financial means or the lack of public transportation.  Many NGOs are struggling to help...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Donation of food items to NGO BONHEUR ASSOCIE AUX ENFANTS

    Feed children in need

    Who?   Bonheur Associé Aux Enfants is a registered non-governmental entity operating on the business Registration no 16605/ BRN A21000090.   We are a new operational NGO based at Beau Vallon and we are carrying a project “Enfants heureux” to...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    ENFANTS HEUREUX - Dons et aide matériel scolaire

    To have funding and donation to concretize the project "Enfant heureux"

    Who? Bonheur Associé Aux Enfants is a registered non-government entity operating on the business Registration no 16605/ BRN A21000090. We are a new operational NGO based at Beau Vallon and we are carrying a project “Enfants heureux” to accompany children whos...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Beach & Mangrove Clean Up

    Clean our environment

    Mangroves play an important role in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem. They protect our coasts from erosion, storms surge and tsunamis. They act as a nursery for small marine species. About 70% of commercial fishes in Mauritius depend on mangroves during their juvenile years. Beach pollution...

  • Ends in: 7 days


    To spread awareness about HIV AIDS and Drug policy to NGOs and the public.

    WHAT & WHY? The series of proposed webinars target NGOs and the general public on subjects related to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Drug Policy. Attending the webinars will provide you with a better understanding of those themes and the situation in Mauritius. The webinars will cover topics...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Rental Space for Gym

    To help diabetic pregnant women stay healthy

    Who?Diabetes Safeguard also known as Diase was founded in 2014. The organisation is involved in outreach camps, sensitization and diabetic test for both private and public domain. What and Why?Non-communicable diseases affect a big proportion of our small population. Diabetes is one of the most c...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    #bébé- Dons de produits pour bébé

    Aider les mamans dans le besoin

    QUI? L’association MAM est présente à Maurice depuis plus de vingt-cinq ans. Elle a des antennes à travers l’ile et est constitué d’une équipe de salariés et bénévoles.  QUOI?Au cœur de MAM se trouvent des infirmières Sages-Femmes qualifiées et dédiées ayant pour projet d’accompagner les mèr...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Looking for diapers for muscular dystrophy sufferers

    To help our needy beneficiaries to get diapers for their daily use.

    WHO? Muscular dystrophy is a group of inherited diseases that damage and weaken your muscles over time. WHAT &WHY? Muscular Dystrophy Association is looking for diapers for our muscular dystrophy sufferers and for parents who are not able to afford them. Our beneficiaries are currently on w...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    sanitary face masks and gloves for NGO members

    Stop the spread of the virus

    What & Why?With the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the island, it is more than ever important to increase our sanitary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus in our community. Some of the ways to do so are by following social distancing protocols, washing our hands and maintaining...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Donation de 100 couettes/couvertures pour familles défavorisées

    Lutter contre la pauvreté infantile

    Dans le cadre de son programme d'éradication de la pauvreté infantile, l'association M-Kids lance un appel à la solidarité.En raison de l'hiver et des températures en baisse, plusieurs familles vulnérables des régions centrales nous ont approchés afin que nous leur procurions des couettes/couve...

  • Ends in: 7 days


    Equality in education

    Who? The Ngo Flame of Phoenix aims at integrating and empowering the disabled and vulnerable people through the professional support that they offer. The NGO is composed of professionals from diverse sectors at the national level. Some of their previous works include free medical check-ups, aware...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    Yoga Instructors to provide yoga sessions to NGOs

    Put a smile of the faces of children during this period of lockdown

    It is undeniable that physical exercises are fundamental for our well-being and good health. But, in this period of lockdown, being stuck at home with no access big outdoor spaces and gyms reduces the opportunity to stay in good shape. In that optic, we are looking for yoga instructions to provide y...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    music professionals and artists to entertain kids from NGOs

    Bring a smile of the faces of children in this period of lockdown

    Due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Mauritius,  many children have been stuck at home with little or no activities to keep them entertained. We are thus inviting music professionals and artists to provide a workshop to entertain these kids where they can at the same time deve...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    psychologists and health specialists for NGOs, parents and kids

    To provide support and guidance to Mauritians during lockdown

    With the lockdown having been extended and people stuck for a longer period at home, it is fundamental take care of our mental health and wellbeing. In this optic, we are inviting psychologists and health specialists to freely provide sessions to members of different NGOs across Mauritius to sup...

  • Ends in: 7 days

    #ZeroHunger2 - Donation of foodpacks and garments for the homeless

    Facilitating the reintegration of male homeless

    To help reintegrate male homeless in society, the APPEL centre offers residential rehabilitation services to help them improve their lifestyle. The services APPEL offers to the beneficiaries include a place to stay during the rehabilitation period, meals, s...

  • Ends in: 12 days


    Hi Everyone, Who and Why? Being an association that takes care of mainly homeless and disadvantaged children, we are badly in need of funds to be able to continue the good development of our activities for about 100-125 beneficiaries of the ONG. Contribute and help us to build a cente...

  • Ends in: 13 days



    Who are we?The Good shop is a social enterprise whose aim is to enhance the quality of life of disadvantaged communities by providing employment and educational opportunities, while impacting the environment positively by extending the life of goods. We also support NGOs by donating items that have...

  • Ends in: 35 days

    Peace Education Programme

    To foster a culture of Peace,prosperity, happiness and well being to all communities in Mauritius

    By way of introduction, we form part of a group of worldwide volunteers involved in social and humanitarian activities.  Our primary responsibility is to promote peace as it lies in the hands of each individual to lift each other up.The Peace Education Program is a video based highly interactiv...

  • Ends in: 37 days

    Collection of food pack for underpriviledged children in the region of Roche Bois

    Feed children in need and prepare a lunch for them on Saturdays

    WHO?We are Association La Colombe, an NGO that provides rehabilitation and education to ex-prisoners and drug addicts, through regular meetings, contacts, and other activities. We also provide educational assistance to the illiterates and help underprivileged families from this region fight poverty...

  • Ends in: 38 days

    #Clothes- Donation of second-hand clothes

    Help families in need

    Donation of second-hand clothes, bags and shoes to people in need: WHAT AND WHY? With the extension of the lockdown in Mauritius, many families have found themselves in precarious conditions due the sudden stop of economic activities and thus, a reduction in their income. Additionall...

  • Ends in: 38 days

    #Books: Donate storybooks to children in need

    To promote literacy skills among children in need

    What & Why?Storybooks are the doors to a child's imagination. They help children understand and feel emotions and make them learn about their own culture and other cultures. Books enable a child to develop his/her literacy skills - reading, writing, and listening. However, in Mauritius, many chi...

  • Ends in: 38 days

    Participation to ''AGIR ENSEMBLE'' show on MBC

    Give an opportunity to NGOs to promote their work on national TV

    We are calling for NGOs to participate in a show by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation MBC,  to promote their organisation and their work in society. The interview questions are as follows;1.Present your NGO - functions and objectives. 2.Who are you and when did you join the NGO - t...

  • Ends in: 68 days

    Donation of second-hand computers and laptops to be used in shelters

    To provide the basic communication devices and give the opportunity to the children to have access to online resources and encourage them to carry out to develop independent learning.

    What and Why? Deliberate handling of technology benefits children today by building community, developing vital math and literacy skills, expanding imagination, promoting creativity, and fostering engagement. In Mauritius, there are many shelters and NGOs assisting disadvantage...

  • Ends in: 68 days

    #Furniture- Donation of second-hand furniture

    Help Families in need

    Donation of second-hand furniture to people in need:   WHAT AND WHY?   With the extension of the lockdown in Mauritius, many families have found themselves in precarious conditions due the sudden stop of economic activities and thus, a reduction in their income.   In this...

  • Ends in: 68 days

    Mentoring and Service Providers' Program for NGOs

    To support NGOs in improving their operations to become autonomous and sustainable

    anAngel is launching a mentoring/guidance and a service provider Program to help NGOs become autonomous and sustainable in their operations. The Mentoring Program proposed gives the chance to build a strong relationship between NGOs and professionals, providing advice and support in different...

  • Ends in: 99 days

    New or used materials for cycling bike(cyclisme) for Academy Tamarin

    Aims: To have new or seconds hand materials to repair bicycle or build a new one

    How to participate?Click on ''I'm In'' and comment in the chat section your details. We will get back to you.Who and Why? We are the Tamarin Cycling Club, created by Juanito Beguinot and other volunteers. In 2018, the latter living in the west of the island and passionate about cycling observed an...

  • Ends in: 159 days

    Occupational Therapists for kids and NGO members

    Put a smile on the faces of Mauritians

    What & Why?With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting our lives we are experiencing changes in basically all of our activities, from our daily routine activities to our professional work. We are therefore looking for occupational therapists on a volunteer basis to assist NGOs by working with peop...

  • Ends in: 159 days

    cooks to offer cooking lessons to NGOs

    Bring a smile on the faces of the Mauritian population

    One fun way to spend time at home during lockdown is undoubtedly through the art of cooking. Trying new recipes with the family, learning new cooking techniques and also enjoying the little moments together while sharing these dishes together with the family is a joy second to none. We are thus call...

  • Ends in: 159 days

    Call for graphic designers to help NGOs

    Help NGOs with their social media platform

    What & Why?NGOs play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation. They usually aim to promote well-being by addressing social and environmental problems with the goal of the development and progress of civil society. However, due to a la...

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  • Responsible consumption and production:  Vegetables prices fall by up to 20 %

    Responsible consumption and production: Vegetables prices fall by up to 20 %

    You probably have not noticed when shopping at your local market, but prices of vegetables have fallen. This comes as a blessing for shoppers who are eager to fill their bags with fresh fruit and vegetables. This downward trend is due to an increase in production.Previously, individuals were obliged...

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  • Opening of borders: what change to our economy despite high risk of Covid-19?

    Opening of borders: what change to our economy despite high risk of Covid-19?

    This July 15, the borders are partially open. Travelers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are now permitted to enter the country. Vaccinated travelers will have access to "resort tourism," where they will be able to enjoy the sea and all of the amenities provided by hotels designated for this purpo...

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  • Preserving our endemic plants: Lets reforest la Citadelle!

    Preserving our endemic plants: Lets reforest la Citadelle!

    The variability that exists among all living sources and their intricate interactions in various ecosystems is referred to as biodiversity. Mauritius' biodiversity, known as the "Land of the Dodo," is quite rich, producing critical raw resources and essential ecological services.

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  • Education and Covid-19: Coping with the

    Education and Covid-19: Coping with the "New Normal"

    We were all anticipating Covid-19 to dissipate like a dreadful typhoon. However, it has since, gained pace and is still causing as much damage as it did initially. New strains emerge, making our struggle against it more difficult, as if it is neutralizing our armour every time, we construct a new on...

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  • Mauritius: The rupee's depreciation points to a further rise in food prices.

    Mauritius: The rupee's depreciation points to a further rise in food prices.

    The unexpected fall of the Mauritian rupee has left a bitter taste in the mouths of food importers and distributors. A subsequent price increase cannot be ruled out. The cost will be borne by consumers. A ‘currency depreciation’ is a decrease in the value of a country's currency. With the case of Ma...

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  • Water distribution and supply in Mauritius

    Water distribution and supply in Mauritius

    Mauritius' whole population has access to piped potable water. According to the Housing and Population Census 2000, 98.7 percent of the population had access to piped potable water within their premises, with 85.5 percent having piped water inside their house, as compared to 75 percent in 1990. The...

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  • Donation of Baby products:  Let’s Help Future mothers!

    Donation of Baby products: Let’s Help Future mothers!

    Despite the health crisis that appears to have brought the world to a halt, life continues. In the midst of a worldwide health crisis, how can one prepare for childbirth? With a slowdown to the Mauritian economy leading to a rise in inflation, do we still have a hope of getting things normal in the...

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  • Vaccines in Mauritius: How efficient they are to our health?

    Vaccines in Mauritius: How efficient they are to our health?

    Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world! The daily case toll continues to rise, and new variants have been discovered all over the world. While some countries are in critical need of vaccines, others havebeen able to start their vaccination campaigns in December 2020. Experts have been dis...

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  • Use of Masks: To what extent are they important for our health’s safety?

    Use of Masks: To what extent are they important for our health’s safety?

    COVID-19 is primarily transmitted from person to person by respiratory droplets. When you cough, sneeze, talk, shout, or sing, respiratory droplets enter the air. These droplets may subsequently land in the mouths or nostrils of those nearby, or they may be breathed in. Masks are a simple barrier th...

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  • World Ocean Day

    World Ocean Day

    Oceans, which cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface, are one of the most vital components of our world. On June 8th, the United Nations (UN) declared World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the importance of these vast bodies of water play in maintaining the planet's environment. According to th...

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  • 4 - Quality education

    Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

  • 5 - Gender equality

    Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

  • 6 - Clean water and sanitation

    Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

  • 7 - Affordable and clean energy

    Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

  • 8 - Decent work and economic growth

    Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

  • 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

  • 10 - Reduced inequalities

    Reduce inequality within and among countries

  • 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

    Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

  • 12 - Responsible consumption and production

    Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • 13 - Climate action

    Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

  • 14 - Life below water

    Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

  • 15 - Life on land

    Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

  • 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions

    Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

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